Manager: Business Intelligence (March 2023)

Listing reference: atns_000265
Listing status: Under Review
Apply by: 21 March 2023
Position summary
Industry: Aviation & Aerospace
Job category: IT and Telecommunications
Location: Bedfordview
Contract: Permanent
EE position: No
Applications are invited for the position of Manager: Business Intelligence (Grade 7) based at Bruma. The successful applicants will be reporting to the Senior Manager: Information and Knowledge Management.
Job description

Major Activities
·        Implement the BI Governance Framework.
·        Implement and oversee BI and Data Policies, Processes and Procedures for data management.
·        Oversee data governance and architecture.
·        Implement data quality standards to ensure data quality and  integrity .
·        Implement data classification and security to meet NIST requirements
·        Define Data Stewards Committee role, responsibilities, setting milestones and timelines.
·        Participate in organizational governance structures.
·        Monitor changes in legislation and ensure compliance
·        Implement the BI and Data strategy roadmap.
·        Regular monitoring and reporting - BI and Data roadmap
·        Perform analysis as required to support ATNS strategies.
·        Plan all business and technical aspects of different data and analytics systems and platforms requirements
·        Implement Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) - data modelling, data planning, data definitions, data mining and metadata.
·        Overseeing data warehouse, including the collection and utilisation of all data
·        Develop and maintain business data architecture by designing, developing, and modifying data management infrastructure to expedite data analysis and reporting
·        Develop and implement Data profiling and data quality measurement to provide insight into the quality of data and help to identify data quality issues
·        Create business ability to capture, trace, manage and maintain data in terms of accessibility and retrievability.
·        Manage and customize all ETL processes.
·        Provide technical oversight and support for integrating new technology or new initiatives, existing and new reports, dashboards, or other tools.
·        Identify and analyse errors and inconsistencies in the data and provides timely resolutions.
·        Analyse complex data and identify requirements for business enhancement.
·        Explore the data and discover patterns, meaningful relationships, irregularities and trends and share with the appropriate departments.
·        Create a self-service reporting, predictive analysis and context driven insights.
·        Identify opportunities to improve processes and strategies with AI models, Neural networks, deep learning, virtual reality simulation and cognitive computing - design and build scalable data models, clean and transform data, and provide business value via data visualization
·        Create BI solutions that require implementing multi-dimensional data models,  
·        Performs ongoing monitoring and refinement of reports
·        Partner with data owners and key business stakeholders to define key performance indicators, design dashboards, alerts, analytical tools, metrics and reports.
·        Establish and embed a data-driven culture
·        Advocate the use of BI tools
·        Establish and maintain a healthy relationship with Data Owners.
·        Identify training needs for data owners and key stakeholders and ensure data management and BI related training is provided

Minimum requirements

Minimum Qualifications
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Data Science or Statistics or related field
  • Certifications:
o   Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP) or Microsoft Business Intelligence Certificate or any certification related to Business Intelligence/data management and analyti s
Years of Experience 
·        5 - 7 years experience in delivering BI solutions and experience using data to drive business decisions
·        5 years’ experience as a BI Manager and proven experience in people management.