Deputy Company Secretary

Listing reference: atns_000288
Listing status: Under Review
Apply by: 29 May 2023
Position summary
Industry: Aviation & Aerospace
Job category: Secretarial
Location: Bedfordview
Contract: Fixed Term Contract
EE position: No
Applications are invited for the Deputy Company Secretary FTC 6 months (Grade 5) based at Bruma. The successful applicant will be reporting to the Company Secretary
Job description

Major Activities
·        Developing and maintaining relationships with stakeholders and industry bodies through ensuring effective communication to internal and external audiences, and growth of relationship with regulators and as applicable Government.
·        Ensure structured interaction between Management and the Board – decisions of Board tracked.
·        Assisting with the identification and appointment of suitable new Directors.
·        Assist in the proper induction, orientation, ongoing training and education of Directors, including assessing the specific training needs of the Directors and Executive Management in their fiduciary and other governance responsibilities.
·        Creating and maintaining clear communication channel with the Board, to enable information dissemination to Directors and enable requests for additional information to be provided.
·        Providing Board (collectively / individually) with guidance as to their rights, duties, responsibilities and powers.
·        Assist the Board with annual evaluations of the Board, its individual Directors and Senior Management.
·        Maintain all statutory records including all registers of shareholders and directors, minute books and attendance registers. Facilitate effective interaction with external stakeholders.
·        Ensuring that the Board is aware of all the legislation and governance requirements, relevant to, or affecting the Company and reporting at any Shareholder / Board Meeting on any failure to comply.
·        Ensuring that the Board, sub-committee, and relevant Management Committees’ charters and terms of reference, are relevant and updated.
·        Responsible for the effective adoption, roll out and embedding of governance related policies, within the organization, including around ethics and conflicts of interest.
·        Distribution of Board pack, planning, implementation and recording of regular meetings between the Board, its sub-committees and Executive Management, as well as certain management meetings such as those of the Investment and Capital Committee.
·        Ensuring the preparation of appropriate Board and sub-committee papers as well as other applicable management committees, such as the Investment and Capital Management Committee – manage decision register.
·        Ensuring accurate and timeous reporting of proceedings at Board and Board Committee meetings as well as relevant management meetings.
·        Ensuring that the Board is adequately informed of corporate performance. Ensure effective operation of the Board.
·           Ensuring that the Group/Company is in compliance with all legislative and governance requirements.
·        Ensuring that the Company complies with all applicable laws and regulations and best practice governance requirements, including the Companies Act, 61 of 1973 as amended, the Corporate Laws Amendment Act and King III.
·        Ensures effective development and management of Assistant Company Secretaries and other staff under your leadership.
·        Ensure that budget is adhered to.
·        Actively monitor the process improvement expenditure and service delivery against plans and budgets
·        Embark on cost containment initiatives in order to maximise the benefits realisation business initiatives (where substantiated and where it does not have a negative impact on the long term sustainability of the  organisation)

Minimum requirements

Minimum Qualifications

·        LLB Degree, with admission as an attorney and/ or CIS (Chartered Institute of Secretaries) – with Board exam, and at least 5 years post articles experience in a commercial environment

Minimum Experience

·        5 Years working experience as Assistant Company Secretary or Corporate Law Practitioner.
·        The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate, during the selection process, extensive experience working with Board members, managing multiple stakeholders and team management. They will also have excellent interpersonal skills and be able to work collaboratively within a dynamic environment.