Search Mission Coordinator X2

Listing reference: atns_000246
Listing status: Under Review
Apply by: 6 February 2023
Position summary
Industry: Aviation & Aerospace
Job category: Others: Transport and Logistics
Location: Kempton Park
Contract: Permanent
EE position: Yes
ATNS is responsible for air traffic control in approximately 10% of the worlds airspace. Over and above traditional air traffic control, we also provide aeronautical information for planning purposes, search and rescue coordination services, the maintenance of a reliable navigation infrastructure, training services, and many more. Our Vision: To be the preferred supplier of air traffic, navigation, training and associated services to the African continent and surrounding regions. Our Mission: To provide safe, orderly, expeditious and efficient air traffic, navigation, training and associated services.
Job description

Applications are invited for the position of Search Mission Coordinator (Peromnes Grade 9) based at FAOR. The successful applicants will be reporting to the Chief: ARCC.

To provide assistance to aircraft in distress including in-flight emergencies and to search for, provide aid to, and coordinate the rescue of survivors of aircraft accidents and forced landings.

Major Activities
  • Obtain and evaluate all data on the emergency.
  • Remain informed of prevailing environmental conditions.
  • Develop the search action plan, (and rescue action plan as appropriate), i.e., allocated search areas.
  • Ensure that communications can be carried out rapidly with operating units, and that high precedence messages can be routed quickly.
  • Designate the OSC, dispatch SAR facilities and designate on-scene communications frequencies.
  • Inform the ARCC chief of the search action plan.
  • Co-ordinate the operation with adjacent RCC’s when appropriate.
  • Arrange briefing and debriefing of SAR personnel.
  • Evaluate all reports from any source and modify the search action plan as necessary.
  • Arrange for the fuelling of aircraft and, for a prolonged search, arrange for the accommodation of SAR personnel.
  • Arrange for delivery of supplies to sustain survivors.
  • Maintain in chronological order an accurate and up-to-date record with a plot, where necessary, of all proceedings.
  • Release SAR facilities when assistance is no longer required.
  • Notify accident investigation authorities.
  • Gather information about distress situations; develop accurate and workable action plans, and dispatch and co-ordinate the resource that will carry out SAR missions.
  • Monitor and maintain communications procedures, reports, files, and logs.
  • Ensure the long range, and short-range communications are efficient and reliable.
  • Monitor operational communications, and distress, urgency and safety communications.
  • Monitor Search and Rescue units to ensure they can get underway and arrive at the distress location, without delay.
  • Confirm the mix of resources at SAR facilities; ensure they are correct for the types of incidents experienced or anticipated.
  • Keep abreast of advancements in order to identify better and more cost-effective response resources.
  • Analyses and respond to finding and recommendations of accident investigations.
  • Promoting legislation, rules, treaties, or agreements to promote safety.
  • Participate in SCCs and international and interagency SAR meetings.

Minimum requirements

Minimum Qualifications
  •  ATCO3
  • SMC qualification.
Minimum Experience
  •  A minimum of 2 years post-validation experience as ATCO3