Company Secretary

Listing reference: atns_000291
Listing status: Online
Apply by: 1 June 2023
Position summary
Industry: Aviation & Aerospace
Job category: Admin, Office Support and Services
Location: Bedfordview
Contract: Fixed Term Contract
EE position: No
ATNS operates from nine ACSA and 12 other aerodromes. As a globally competitive employer of choice, ATNS is committed to diversity and has achieved ranking within the top 10 companies in South Africa with regards to female representation at executive levels. JOB TITLE: COMPANY SECRETARY REPORTING LINE: CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER REF : ATNS COSEC/2023 The purpose of the Company Secretary position is to: • Provide a strategic and operational leadership to the Company Secretariat function to enable achievement of the ATNS Board strategy aligned to the vision of the organisation. • To be responsible for ensuring sound corporate governance practice and culture in the company. • To be the source of the company’s conscience ensuring corporate integrity takes precedence.
Job description

·      Strategy and Leadership - Provides overall leadership and management to the Company secretarial function to enable achievement of the Board strategies.   Develops departmental Company Secretary functional strategy that contributes to the overall ATNS long-term strategy.   Manage and own implementation of the Company Secretarial function strategy post formulation to ensure achievement of the objectives. Develop the integrated annual business plan for the Company Secretarial function to enable achievement of the ATNS strategy.  Develop and manage the Company Secretariat Risk Management Plan. Design and implement the operating model, including governance and service level agreements.  Drive delivery of the required projects/initiatives within the Company Secretarial strategy to be on time, within budget and to the required standard.  Analyses trends to develop the required solutions, programs, and policies aligned to the business needs strategies. Identify, assess, and inform EXCO team of internal and external corporate governance issues that affect the organization.
·      Legislative Compliance and Corporate Governance - To be accountable to the ATNS’ Board. Provides board members with guidance in their duties, responsibilities and powers and make them aware of all laws and regulations relevant to the company. Ensure compliance with all the statutory provisions of the but not limited to the PFMA, National Treasury Regulations , Companies Act, ATNS MOI, including the lodgement of all documents with the CIPC and the maintenance and updating of the company’s register of members. Ensure certification of the organisation’s annual financial statements so that the company has lodged all its annual returns required of a public company and that this returns are true, correct and up to date, in conjunction with the relevant departments to ensure compliance to the applicable legislations. Coordination and facilitation of necessary governance structure to produce the Integrated Report, including the production of the company’s Annual Report. Ensure the finalisation and submission of ATNS corporate plan to the executive authority in terms of PFMA by reviewing content, double-checking data/information, corroborating facts and figures. Ensure the finalisation and submission of shareholders compact to the executive authority, and making changes as required. Reviewing Board policies such as the independence of directors and conflict of interest amongst others. Responsible for drafting and reviewing ATNS Governance Policies including the ATNS Delegation and Limits of Authority. Manage annual declarations of interests registers for the Board. Assist with the evaluation process, and evaluation of the Board, committees and individual directors. Assist directors with induction, orientation, ongoing training and education, including assessing their training needs in their fiduciary and other governance responsibilities. Monitor international developments on corporate governance and bring these to the board’s attention where they would add value. Identify training and development requirements for directors and ensure that there is an ongoing programme to keep directors well informed of developments in the company and in respect of matters relevant to their responsibilities generally. Ensure that the directors and management operate within an authority framework approved by the board and reviewed and updated from time to time.
·      Company Secretariat Functions - Ensure that ATNS registration is maintained with Companies and intellectual Property Commission (CIPC). Ensure that governance of ATNS as entity is maintained in good standing in all jurisdictions. Develop and implement operational plans for the Company Secretariat and ensure that its goals and objectives are aligned with the business strategies. Ensure all the related group governance structures are run effectively and efficiently to enable proper management of the Board and its Committees. Oversee the efficient and effective day-to-day operation of the Company Secretariat. Prepare the annual schedule for the Board and Committees’ meetings. Ensure an effective and smooth relationship and communication between the Board, Committees and Management. Prepare the agendas for the board and committees’ meetings in conjunction with the Board committees chairmen and Board chairman and key executives. Ensure that information is dispatched timeously to all directors, MANCO and EXCO to enable them to prepare adequately for the meetings. Take minutes of the Board and Committees’ meetings and should ensure that they are distributed as soon as possible thereafter to aid directors in implementing the decisions. Ensure that the board’s policies and instructions are communicated to the relevant persons in the company and that pertinent issues from management are referred back to the board where appropriate. Take responsibility for preparing all or parts of the Annual Integrated Report and ensuring that statutory deadlines are met, the statutory and regulatory disclosures are validated particularly in relation to statements given on corporate governance standards and practices in the company. Ensure that minutes of all shareholders meetings, board meetings and the meetings of any committees of the directors, or of the audit committee, are properly recorded in accordance with the Companies Act.  Lead induction, orientation, ongoing training and education of directors, including assessing the specific training needs of directors and executive management in their fiduciary and other governance responsibilities. Assume the responsibilities of the public officer of the company under the Income Tax Act and other taxation legislation where required. Oversee the payment of Board member fees through the production of a payment schedule for HC.
·      Stakeholder Management - Facilitate the management of stakeholders engagements activities for the following groups: Board, Board Committees, EXCO, Employees , Department of Transport, Government Departments (National Treasury, SARS, CIPC, etc), Service providers, Other state-owned companies and entities. Ensure the Board is kept up to date with all relevant amendments, international developments on corporate governance affecting the company and its related entities.
·      Budget Management and Reporting - Prepare the annual departmental budget for approval. Provide leadership and management on utilisation of the approved departmental budgets and ensure adherence to budgetary guidelines and directives. Provide required regular reports on utilisation of the departmental budget. Contribute to the reduction of costs to enable efficiency. Prepare and submit statistical/ statutory reports as appropriate.
·      People Management - Ensure effective management of all employees in the Company Secretariat function.  Support and drive resourcing of the function with competent individuals. Ensure that performance management is embedded in the function to enable effective attraction, development and retention of talent.

Minimum requirements

·      Master’s level qualification preferably in Business Management / Law or related fields.
·      Recognized Post Graduate Legal Qualification - LLB or Chartered Institute of Secretaries Qualification NQF level 8 (Board level).
·      10 years’ experience in a management role in a medium to large organization, of which five years should have been within the company secretary environment as Deputy Company Secretary or similar role.
·      Public sector experience will be advantageous.
The incumbent will be based at the ATNS offices currently in Bruma. The appointment is made on a
5-year Fixed-Term contract basis. Applicants will be subjected to credibility assessment, psychometric assessment and security clearance.

If you have not been contacted within 3 weeks of the closing date of this advert, please accept that your application was unsuccessful.
Please do not send certificates, diplomas or testimonials. We thank all applicants for their interest. Communication will be conducted with short-listed applicants only.