Chief Human Capital Officer

Listing reference: atns_000290
Listing status: Online
Apply by: 1 June 2023
Position summary
Industry: Aviation & Aerospace
Job category: Human Resources and Recruitment
Location: Johannesburg
Contract: Fixed Term Contract
Remuneration: Market Related
EE position: No
ATNS operates from nine ACSA and 12 other aerodromes. As a globally competitive employer of choice, ATNS is committed to diversity and has achieved ranking within the top 10 companies in South Africa with regards to female representation at executive levels. JOB TITLE: CHIEF HUMAN CAPITAL OFFICER REPORTING LINE: CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER REF : ATNS CHCO/2023 To provide a strategic and operational leadership to the Human Capital function by driving development, implementation and management of the overall Human Capital strategy aligned to the ATNS operations and overall business strategies. To consolidate and align the strategies and output of the Human Capital delivery workstreams to support a seamless, cost-effective, safe, and efficient Air Traffic Management (ATM) that optimally services the designated airspace in line with legislation/regulations and global best practice.
Job description

·      Strategy & Leadership - Provides strategic and operational Human Capital management thought leadership to the ATNS. Lead conceptualisation, design and implementation of the overall Human Capital strategy aligned to the business needs, ATNS’ vision, and business strategy.Set clear targets for the Human Capital function and ensure the achievement of such targets by cascading the targets throughout the department. Develop the annual business plan for Human Capital to enable achievement of the function’s business and ATNS strategy and targets.  Lead, co-ordinate and ensure implementation of the corporate transformation strategy in line with relevant legislations. Provide input and influence on the ATNS permission planning process to ensure the required resources and infrastructure are allocated to the Human Capital function to enable the achievement of the ATNS’ strategy. Leads development, management and support for initiatives related to all Human Capital processes including but not limited to transformation, organizational development, and performance management to support the Company’s strategy.
·      Talent & Career Management - Lead the development, implementation and management of a robust and talent management strategy aligned to the business needs. Develop and implement strategies and initiatives that ensure the ATNS attracts, develops, and retains the required talent aligned to the current and future business needs. Implement effective succession planning processes to ensure development and availability of the required skills for now and the future. Ensure development, management and nurturing of effective talent pipelines aligned to the ATNS needs. Develop a clear career management process for all jobs in ATNS. Conduct research and analysis of organizational trends including review of reports and metrics from the organizations Human Resource Information System (HRIS) or talent management system. Ensure our hiring, onboarding and management procedures are effective for diverse groups.
·      Performance Management & EVP - Lead development, implementation, and management of a fit for purpose performance management system, strategy, and process for the ATNS. Provide a performance management and EVP thought leadership to the organisation. Ensure availability of a performance management subject matter expertise for the ATNS. Ensure monitoring and regular reviews of the performance management system and processes to ensure its effectiveness and efficacy aligned to the business needs. Ensure compilation and finalization of performance contracts and individual development plans by all in line with the performance management calendar.
·      Learning & Development - Provide strategic training and development thought leadership to the organisation. Ensure development of relevant training and development strategies and policies for the organisation. Drive development and implementation of an approved training calendar to ensure availability of the skills required currently and in the future.
·      Employee Engagement - Provide the required employee engagement thought leadership to the organisation. Ensure conducting of regular employee engagement surveys in the organisation. Drive initiatives to address any issues identified by the employee engagement surveys. Leads employee engagement initiatives to enhance organizational capability and effectiveness.
·      Remuneration & Rewards - Ensure availability of strategic rewards and remuneration thought leadership for the organisation. Develop an appropriate remuneration philosophy aligned to the industry to enable attraction and retention of talent. Develop an effective rewards and remuneration strategy and policy for the company. Provide a sound and fit for purpose rewards and remuneration philosophy for the organisation. Ensure regular review of the rewards and remuneration policy and processes in ATNS to ensure their continued efficacy and effectiveness.
·      Employee Relations & Wellness - Ensure availability of a strategic Employee Relations and Wellness thought leadership to the organisation. Lead development and implementation of aligned employee relations and employee wellness policies and processes. Ensure development and regular review of the employee relations policies and procedures to ensure alignment to the business needs and legislative framework. Ensure that management and employees are trained on all policies including employee relations and employee wellness programmes.  Provide support in all engagements with organised labour including wage negotiations.
·      Transformation & Stakeholders Management - Support development, implementation and management of a relevant transformation strategy and agenda for ATNS. Ensure availability of relevant HR policies to enable achievement of the transformation agenda. Support cascading of the transformation strategy throughout the organisation. Promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace and reinforce our position as an employer of choice. Develop, implement, and manage an effective stakeholder’s management strategy and plan aligned to the business strategy.
·      Organisational Development, Change Management, Culture & Values - Ensure availability of strategic OD and change management thought leadership to support the various change programs being rolled in the organisation.  Ensure development and implementation of relevant organizational structures aligned to the overall business strategies of ATNS. Ensure development and implementation of an effective OD and change management processes to enable smooth transitions and implementation of changes in ATNS. Ensure availability of change management capabilities throughout the organisation to enable smooth rollout of change management initiatives and processes.  Implement a relevant job grading system for the company and ensure all jobs always have clear and updated job profiles.
·      Governance, Monitoring and Reporting - Develop and implement HR processes that drive governance and compliance to the Human Capital policies and processes.  Ensure all Human Capital policies and procedures are compliant to the regulatory and legislative framework. Ensure training of all relevant users on the HR compliance and governance requirements.  Develop and implement an HR risk management strategy to ensure effective identification and mitigation of all identified risks
·      People Management - Ensure the availability of skilled and competent staff in the human capital function to meet the current and future needs aligned to the human capital strategies.  Promote high levels of discipline and performance standards to achieve the human capital and ATNS strategies.  Ensure effective management of the human capital team’s performance using the performance management system and taking prompt corrective action promptly and effectively. Ensure the transfer of knowledge and skills to enable sustainability within human capital from a succession management perspective.
·      Financial Management - Lead the timely development, efficient utilisation, and management of the human capital budget. Ensure effective leadership in the management of operational costs to enable efficient utilisation of financial resources.

Minimum requirements

·      Masters level qualification in Business Management or related field.
·      Formal business leadership and management training as an added advantage.
·      10 years strategic and operational experience in human capital management in a large organisation of which 7 years should be at senior management level and 3 years at management level.

The incumbent will be based at the ATNS offices currently in Bruma. The appointment is made on a
5-year Fixed-Term contract basis. Applicants will be subjected to credibility assessment, psychometric assessment and security clearance.
If you have not been contacted within 3 weeks of the closing date of this advert, please accept that your application was unsuccessful.
Please do not send certificates, diplomas or testimonials. We thank all applicants for their interest. Communication will be conducted with short-listed applicants only.