Governance and Ethics Specialist (Fixed Term Contract 24 months)

Listing reference: atns_000068
Listing status: Under Review
Apply by: 1 April 2021
Position summary
Industry: Aviation & Aerospace
Job category: Admin, Office Support and Services
Location: Bedfordview
Contract: Fixed Term Contract
EE position: Yes
To lead the day to day (operational) management of governance and ethics in the secretariat team and wider ATNS business in order to ensure the effective ethical leadership of the Corporate (ATNS) Committees and the Board as directed by the Company Secretary and in compliance with good corporate governance principles.
Job description

• Support with the development of the ATNS Governance framework and governance operating model.
• Drafting and leading in the implementation and development of Governance programmes for the organisation.
• Providing a central source of guidance and advice to the Board, and within the company, on matters of good governance and of changes in legislation and taking the lead in reviewing Board policies, such as the independence of Directors, conflict of interest.
• Take accountability for the drafting and preparation of the Company’s Integrated Report
• Drafting and amending ATNS Governance Policies including the Delegation of Authority 
• Ensuring the preparation of appropriate Board and sub-committee papers as well as other applicable management committees submissions on Governance matters.
• Ensuring the Board, Executive Committee and Prescribed officers are kept abreast of their duties and responsibilities in relation to governance and ethics, through the provision of thought leadership and governance advisory services timeously
• Assist in the proper induction, orientation, ongoing training and education of Directors, including assessing the specific training needs of the Directors and Executive Management in their fiduciary and other governance responsibilities.
• Creating and maintaining clear communication channel with the Board, to enable information dissemination to Directors and enable requests for additional information to be provided.
• Providing Board (collectively / individually) with guidance as to their rights, duties, responsibilities and powers.
• Assist the Board with annual evaluations of the Board, its individual Directors and Senior Management.
• Support with the governance and secretarial function of the Boards Governance/ Compliance Commitee.

• Support in the development of the ATNS Ethics Frame work and programme
• Responsible for supporting in the development and review of ATNS Ethics policies and procedures
• Acting as the central source of guidance and advice to the Board / Exco / Employees on matters of ethics 
• Performing and growing ethics advisory services in the Office of the Company Secretary
• Taking the lead in the development, Compiling, reviewing and maintaining thought leadership and research to the business by publishing regular topical governance/ ethics articles
• Providing the publications to the Board to keep them abreast on their duties and developments on ethics to serve as the internal contact person for ethics, whistleblower complaints, conflicts of interest and provide business leadership and advice on business governance issues.
• Reporting quarterly to the Ethics Committee meetings.
• Establishing, managing and Chairing the management ethics forum
• Oversee the development and implementation of on-line training, arrange external training sessions conducted by professional service providers to grow the ethical awareness of the business.
• Drafting and leading in the implementation and development of Ethics programmes for the organisation.
• Develop and disseminate regular communications to the organisation on Ethics related topics together with supporting forms/acknowledgement

• Retain exceptional communication skills to discharge duties in interactions with the directors, senior management and external stakeholders and employees
• Retain the highest standard of ethics, integrity, and professionalism. Deeply values and embraces a culture of trust, respect, and openness
• High personal resilience to cope with the demands of a high-pressure environment
• collaborate and work collaboratively with others as part of a task

Minimum requirements

Formal Qualifications:
·        LLB Degree, with admission as an attorney;
·        CIS (Chartered Institute of Secretaries) qualification – with completed Board exams,
·        5 years post articles experience in a commercial environment
·        Possession of Ethics Officer Certification is an added advantage, or other relevant governance and ethics experience.
Years of Experience:
·      5 Years working experience as Assistant Company Secretary or Corporate Law Practitioner with a specific focus on Corporate governance and ethics duties / responsibilities.