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ATNS is seeking a candidate to ensure that the Air Traffic Service is provided in a safe and expeditious manner, in accordance with Company policy and ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARP’s), in order to meet and satisfy the reasonable requirements of the aviation community. The incumbent will also be required to plan and implement procedures and projects and to supervise training and proficiency maintenance programs at FAWB.

Job description

  • Plan, organize and coordinate his/her particular air traffic service in order to satisfy the reasonable requirements of the aviation community this includes convening of Unit meetings and external client interaction as required.
  • Define new operational requirements in the short term in order to maintain and enhance the ATS, making the necessary recommendations for implementation and managing approved implementation
  • Provide on-the-job training to ensure competence of staff for the issuance of licenses and validation of ratings and manage the administration of on the job training.
  • Assist PM Regional Airports/MATS’s with Unit Investigations on air traffic related incidents
  • Implement preventative measure aimed at eliminating breaches in service standards
  • Maintain records and report on traffic activity and all other phrases of operations for particular services as may be required by ATNS
  • Propose changes to and support the PM in maintaining Station Standing Instructions for the TWR
  • Maintain a relevant and adequate level of knowledge of current service position in accordance with SARPS.
  • Actively promote and manage safety through the companies Safety Management System
  • Report on the serviceability of all the necessary facilities, technical equipment and maintains updated publications required for ATS personnel to successfully function
  • Ensure that ATC and associated services operate efficiently and is administered according to prescribed practices, policies and business rules
  • Support PM and M: ATS to ensure that all relevant contractual obligations of ATNS in terms of contractual air traffic service provision are met
  • Direct and schedule the work of personnel under control, to conform to approved/prescribed ATC procedures and practices, thus ensuring that the service is continuous, and standards are met.
  • Maintain discipline at the Unit and convene disciplinary and incapacity hearings. 
  • Perform Human Resource activities for staff such as Performance Management, Training and Development Planning, Leave management etc

Minimum requirements

Minimum Qualifications
  • Valid Aerodrome Control and Approach Procedural Control Ratings
  • OJTI Qualification

Minimum Experience
  • At least 3 years ATCO2 experience
  • At least 2 years OJTI experience

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